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Taco Shell Chili Dogs

I absolutely LOVE chili dogs. All beef, gluten-free hot dogs with no nitrates or nitrites, smothered with homemade chili, shredded goat or non-dairy cheese, extra tomatoes, onions and peppers… YUM. Thing is, I get tired of doing chili dogs sans bun. One of my worst allergies in yeast, and since many gluten-free breads are yeasted,…

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Brandless box

Why I love Brandless™

One day last year, as I randomly surfed Instagram, I found an ad for a new site called Brandless™. (affiliate link) I had been burned by an essential oil company (more on that later) for a sample product and really wasn’t looking to test a new company. But something about Brandless resonated. I love Amazon,…

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Essential Oils Love

Why You Should Clean Your Electric Diffuser

I know first-hand why it is important to clean your electric diffuser. We have two diffusers. I took one to my mother’s house so she could enjoy some essential oils in my kit. Unfortunately, everything smells like Thieves. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that! Thieves is one of my FAVs.) See, the last time…

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Food allergies and essential oils

Can you use essential oils if you have food allergies? It was one of my top questions when I started diving into essential oils for culinary use. Like many with food allergies, I don’t just have one, but several foods and spices I need to avoid. Some of of the foods aren’t really an issue…

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DIY Reed Diffuser

I love reed diffusers. They have this wonderfully subtle way of sharing favorite aromas that remind me of fall, Christmas, my wedding and the simple joys of God. I have one reed diffuser I keep in the bedroom. But over the last year, I’ve used two different electric diffusers that pulse out a fine mist…

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